Mason Daugherty

Student, Bowdoin College

I'm a Texan-turned-Mainer, currently studying Computer Science and Digital & Computational Studies on the beautiful campus of Bowdoin College (set to graduate next spring). I have passion for problem-solving and utilizing effective storytelling to simplify complex ideas. Although I dedicated the past few years to refining my skills in media production, my current focus is on navigating our society's evolving digital landscape.

Interests: Photography & Filmmaking, Rowing, Digital privacy, Freeform radio

Projects 2024

Ground-up redesign of website for Bowdoin's student college radio station.

HTML/CSS/JavaScript Icecast Docker API Azuracast G Cloud Twilio

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Spinitron Web Scrobbler 2024

Takes now-playing track metadata from a Spinitron station and scrobbles to a profile.

Docker Python API CLI

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Orient vs. Vietnam 2023

Exploratory digital text analysis of The Bowdoin Orient's coverage of the Vietnam War between 1961-75.

R 4.2 Voyant Natural Language Processing Sentiment Analysis Topic Modeling Text Mining

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Radio's Dead, But We're Still Dancing

18 Sep 2022

The Weeknd’s latest album, Dawn FM, has brought listeners an auditory experience that many thought to be lost to time: radio. In a media landscape dominated by streaming, it’s easy to feel that AM and FM radio are hopelessly outdated....

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Cyborgs Walk Among Us

17 Nov 2021

The lines separating humans and technology are blurring. Should we embrace it? Since 2017, I have been a walking cyborg. No, not the Hollywood type (looking at you Terminator and RoboCop), but instead, a “vanilla” cyborg, if such a concept...

Biohacking RFID/NFC